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A Complete Leonardo AI Prompt Guide With Proper Examples

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Leonardo AI prompts can help professionals and business owners who are constantly seeking to enhance their visual appeal with captivating, lifelike images.

If you know how to write the best Leonardo ai prompts then you can easily generate realistic-looking images that will blow everyone’s mind.

But not everyone is skilled in this area. To get the best results from Leonardo, you need to understand prompt engineering, which is a skill that can be learned.

Now if you are a skilled person then it’s good news.

But if you are not then don’t worry.

Here, I will primarily discuss the Leonardo AI prompt guide, explaining what it is and how to achieve optimal results using it.

Let’s dive in:

One liner on Leonardo Ai?

If you didn’t hear about Leonardo AI yet, here is a one-line introduction: Leonardo AI is a text-to-image or image-to-image creation platform similar to MidJourney and Stable Diffusion’s DreamStudio, which allows users to create game assets, artwork, design elements, and it has more easy to use UX design to generate stunning images based on the text or image prompt provided.

But this platform is still under development, but it has the potential to revolutionize the way content is created.

If you don’t know how to use then check out this comprehensive article on how to use Leonardo AI to create stunning images.

Leonardo AI Prompt Guide to Generate Images

Since You are using Leonardo AI which means you want to create a masterpiece.

However, to achieve the finest results from this image generator, you must grasp various prompt types.

Because different prompts can enhance the realism and quality of your images.

Actually, Leonardo AI is an advanced system trained on a vast collection of internet images (approximately 650+ million). It utilizes these images to create visually stunning outputs based on the text prompt given.

For that reason writing a perfect explanatory prompt can give you better results. 

The only thing you need to focus on is to give the Leonardo AI a better idea of what you expect to generate. 

To achieve this, you can utilize different prompt types to obtain the image you desire:


Surrealism is a cultural movement that emerged in Europe after World War I. Artists portrayed unsettling and illogical scenes, utilizing techniques that enabled the expression of the unconscious mind.

It involves surprise, unexpected combinations, and non sequitur.

For Example: A giant eye floating in the Sky, Surrealism. 

Leonardo AI prompts ideas for Surrealism art: 

  • A melting clock in a desert landscape
  • A tree with human faces for leaves
  • A woman with a fishbowl for a head
  • A man walking on the moon
  • A house made of clouds

Phastasmal iridescent

This type of art uses shifting iridescent colors to create a sense of mystery and wonder.

It can evoke various moods, from eerie to ethereal, as viewers move around and witness its ever-changing nature.

Prompt: A cityscape of iridescent buildings shimmering in the sunlight.

Leonardo AI prompts ideas for Phastasmal iridescent art: 

  • A ghost with iridescent skin
  • A prism splitting sunlight into a rainbow
  • A rainbow-colored jellyfish
  • Amorphous iridescent blobs floating in space
  • A peacock feather in the sunlight
  • A shimmering oil slick on the road
  • A soap bubble floating in the air

Paper art

A paper art prompt is a set of instructions you provide to Leonardo AI to generate a paper art image. It includes details about the style, subject, colors, and mood.

For example, you could give the prompt “a detailed paper cut of a cityscape in shades of blue and gray.”

Paper Art Prompt Ideas: 

  • A detailed paper cut of a cityscape in shades of blue and gray.
  • A colorful paper collage of flowers.
  • A vintage paper advertisement for a product.
  • A whimsical paper sculpture of a bird in flight.
  • An abstract paper painting of a landscape.
  • A surreal paper dreamscape.
  • A realistic paper model of a car.
  • A pop art paper portrait of a celebrity.
  • A minimalist paper installation of geometric shapes.
  • A modern paper installation for a museum.

Isometric Art

An isometric art prompt is a set of instructions that you can give to Leonardo AI to create an isometric image.

Isometric images are 3D images that are projected onto a 2D plane in such a way that all three axes are equally foreshortened. This creates a unique perspective that can be used to create striking and visually interesting images.

For example you could give the prompt : “An isometric portrait of a cute cat”

Isometric Art Prompt Ideas: 

  • An isometric cityscape of a futuristic metropolis
  • An isometric portrait of a cute cat
  • An isometric still life of a bowl of fruit
  • An isometric landscape of a lush jungle
  • An isometric map of a fantasy world

Layered Paper Art 

A layered paper art prompt is a set of instructions that you can give to Leonardo to create a piece of art that looks like it is made of layered paper and which uses different colors, textures, and shapes of paper to create a three-dimensional effect.

Layered Paper Art Prompt Ideas: 

  • A layered paper art portrait of a woman made of different shades of pink paper.
  • A layered paper art still life of a bowl of fruit made of different shades of fruit-colored paper.
  • A layered paper art landscape of a forest made of different shades of green paper.
  • A layered paper art sculpture of a dragon made of different shades of paper that represent the dragon’s scales.
  • A layered paper art map of a fantasy world made of different shades of paper that represent different landscapes.

Realistic Art

Realistic prompt art is often used to create images of people, places, and things that are difficult or impossible to photograph, such as imaginary creatures or scenes from the future.

For example you can try this: “A realistic painting of a sunset over the ocean. The sky is ablaze with color, with shades of orange, yellow, and red. The sun is a brilliant orb of light, setting below the horizon. The waves are crashing against the shore, and the seagulls are soaring overhead.

Realistic Leonardo Prompt Ideas: 

  • A photorealistic portrait of a young woman with long, flowing hair, wearing a white dress and standing in a field of flowers.
  • A hyper-realistic image of a slice of pizza, with melted cheese and pepperoni.
  • A detailed painting of a cityscape at night, with skyscrapers lit up against the dark sky.
  • A realistic sculpture of a horse, made from bronze or marble.
  • A photorealistic rendering of a human brain, complete with all the different structures and functions.

Best 25 Leonardo AI Prompts Example (Outstanding Output)

1sticker, cartoon cute Rottweiler, white background, Vermeer style, 12K, high quality, HD, octane render, cinematic lighting
2sticker, cartoon cute Rottweiler, white background, Vermeer style, 12K, high quality, HD, octane render, cinematic lighting
3A photorealistic portrait of a young woman with long, flowing hair, wearing a white dress and standing in a field of flowers..
43d render, full body 3d render of funko pop Darth Vader, black background, Illuminated by Neon lights
5American flag,hand drawn, face evil death skull In the center, t-shirt design,in the style of Studio Ghibli,3D vector art,isometric,4K resolution,flat black background,watercolor effect,colorful shades
6Vermilon FRACTAL. Paper Quilling, Audrey Kawasaki Albert Gleizes Head and shoulders portrait. Vietnamese Lady. Hyperrealistic craft, paper sculpture Interdimensional. Perfect eyes. Zentangle ornate background.
7Create stickers featuring cartoon baby cat, very cute kitten, with baseball cap, skateboarder, wearng high tech sneaker. tech sneakers visible,can see the body, hip hop style, beautiful colorful eyes,metaverse, pretty, wearing gloves, pierced earrings, metaverse,
8A bowl of grapes, pomegranates, and figs on a silver platter in a luxurious dining room.
9A close-up portrait of a lion with a mane of golden fur and piercing green eyes.
10A dreamlike landscape with floating islands, a rainbow waterfall, and a magical forest.
11A nightmarish scene with a dark, stormy sky, a haunted house, and a monster lurking in the shadows.
12A post-apocalyptic city with ruins, zombies, and mutants.
13An old chinses man with a white beard and hairs with a black background and having front view
14A medieval city with castles, towers, and knights.
15A beautiful 8k high definition image the depiction of God’s creation of man, God reaching out and touching his finger towards Adam’s finger
16Indian woman, Professional color grading,soft shadow, no contrast, clean sharp focus, film photography,
17powerful jet-black revolver, against the background of a chrome-plated barrel, eight-shot chamber
18black cat, big red eyes, disney style, cute 
19Realist transformer with speakers, 8k, weapons, realist, 8k, background with box of speakers, with arms, legs, chest, foot, hands, detailed, missile armed, detailed background, unzoon image,
20disney style, male dragon, feral, kind face, white scales, long muzzle, few horns, dark eyes, extremely detailed smooth natural texture, casual, absurdres, drawn style, cartoon art, disney, show face
2110 years old Hermione Granger from harry potter movie: Dressed in a beautiful saree with intricate embroidery, Hermione is reading an ancient Indian spellbook while her Time-Turner necklace glints in the sunlight.
22floating torii in havana cuba, vivid colors, realistic image, ultra realistic, hyper realistic, detailed photography, intricate details,
23generate and render of a Mechanical watch featuring a tourbillon at the 6’clock position, base the design around machinima style with a worn look with cinematic tones. Render 4k, ultra realistic render, metal, copper and brass colours.
24Concept illustration of a gold-embroidered wand symbolizing death and eternity that fits perfectly on the screen.
25Concept illustration of a gold-embroidered wand symbolizing death and eternity that fits perfectly on the screen.

Best Keywords To Use On Leonardo AI Prompts

In the past, we used to hire graphic designers or photographers to get the images we wanted.

Nowadays, all we need is a creative mind to achieve our desired image.

If you have an idea for an image, you can easily generate it using AI tools like Leonardo AI, which has image generator capabilities.

Check out Leonardo AI pricing details for unlimited image generation.

To get the best image results, it’s important to know key keywords. Using these keywords will help you obtain the most realistic desired image.

You can use these keywords as per your requirement. 

The keywords are: 

  1. Portrait
  2. High definition
  3. Cinematic
  4. 4k resolution
  5. Hyperrealism
  6. Isometric 
  7. Phastasmal iridescent
  8. Surrealism
  9. Full face visible
  10. Realistic photograph
  11. Octane render
  12. Ominous
  13. Ultra Smooth
  14. Artist name (Da Vinci, Picasso, Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol) 
  15. 8k resolution 
  16. 3d render
  17. volumetric light
  18. vibrant colors
  19. Retro style
  20. Soft focus
  21. unique feature
  22. Vibrant
  23. Expressive emotions
  24. Dynamic pose
  25. Black and white
  26. Textured surfaces
  27. Monochromatic
  28. Rim lighting
  29. Close-up
  30. Fantasy
  31. Futuristic
  32. Glamourous
  33. Natural
  34. Urban
  35. High contrast
  36. Rural
  37. Environmental
  38. Ethnic/cultural identity
  39. Age range
  40. Gender identity
  41. Eye contact
  42. Shallow depth of field
  43. Full depth of field
  44. Dynamic range
  45. Lense name
  46. Camera Model
  47. Hairstyle
  48. Photorealistic concept art
  49. Vivid colors
  50. acrylic watercolor art

FAQs: Leonardo AI Prompt Guide

How do you use prompts in Leonardo AI?

You can use prompts to describe the image you want to create. For example, you could prompt Leonardo AI to create an image of a “a beautiful dog sitting under a tree.”

What is prompt engineering for Leonardo AI?

Prompt engineering is the process of creating effective prompts for Leonardo AI. This involves using specific language and keywords to help Leonardo AI understand what you want to create.

How do I use image prompt?

You can use image prompts to create images that are similar to an existing image. For example, you could prompt Leonardo AI to create an image that is similar to the Mona Lisa.

What is Leonardo AI?

Leonardo AI is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to create images. You can use Leonardo AI to create images of anything you can imagine.

Is Leonardo AI completely free?

No, Leonardo AI is not completely free. There is a free tier that allows you to create a limited number of images. However, if you want to create more images, you will need to subscribe to a paid plan.

Final Thoughts

In this post, I’ve done my best to create the “Leonardo AI prompt guide.” By reading this article carefully, you can easily create awesome artwork.

I’ve also included important keywords that you can use in your prompts for the best results. 

If you want to use Leonardo AI generated image in your business then check out this Leonardo AI license guide.

Now, it’s important to understand that image generation is a skill that requires practice.

By incorporating our top prompt example and trying something different, you can become an expert in prompt engineering.

Best of luck for your first artwork!


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